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LUMO WordPress website consulting design services

Why WordPress?


WordPress has gained high popularity in the last decade as the #1 content management system (CMS) allowing businesses to build and manage their website content with ease. WordPress offers a great deal of customisation opportunities, including a large directory for themes and plugins and on-page customizer.



The themes and plugins are developed by software developers around the world, as WordPress is an open-source software. However, every business is as unique as its owner. Thus, you might not always find suitable solutions in these directories to showcase your brand the way you want to. This is why we offer custom WordPress website design services.



LUMO WordPress website design services

LUMO WordPress Website Design Services


We can help you design your own unique WordPress site by creating a child theme and customising the site using PHP, HTML and CSS. You will get all the benefits WordPress has to offer, along with a custom header, footer and stylings (fonts & colour scheme) – all built to fit your brand.


And yes, you’ve guessed it. Our website is built on WordPress



LUMO WordPress website design services

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