Reach Physiotherapy

Reach Physiotherapy website was built by LUMO Websites

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Company introduction

Reach Physiotherapy is a physiotherapy clinic operating in the Brighton and Hove area in the UK. The clinic offers a large selection of treatments for pain management and rehabilitation. The team specialises in physiotherapy, sports physiotherapy, training rehabilitation, intramuscular stimulation, sports massage, Pilates and yoga.

The brief

The company needed a site-wide revamp. The website’s design was outdated and the site wasn’t ranking well on search engines. The site structure needed updating. Reach Physiotherapy had also recently started offering yoga and Pilates classes at their clinic, and this needed to be featured on the website along with a class booking system.






The design

We wanted to bring out the professionalism of Reach Physiotherapy clinic on the website design, so we chose the site theme to be Sydney due to its official structure. The mobile version was kept clean, and all images were updated to modern stock images. By changing the website fonts and colour from orange to blue, it gave the site a refreshed look and a more suitable image for a physiotherapy clinic.


Reach Physiotherapy website by LUMO Websites



Reach Physiotherapy website by LUMO Websites


When it comes to the site SEO, the biggest change was made content-wise. By adding more content whilst keeping the keyword density at an optimal level, we managed to increase ranking on several service pages. Generating a backlink audit was the finishing touch the site needed to be able to rank locally on 1st search results page (SERP) with 20 long-tail keywords, which includes their whole service portfolio.



Site optimisation

Since the site was originally built by a web developer, there wasn’t any major optimisation issues that LUMO Websites had to deal with. The main aspects were to optimise images, set up page and browser caching, remove unnecessary plugins and data, and fix crawlability issues by adding necessary redirects.

Reach Physiotherapy website by LUMO Websites