ILLICIT HAIR Website was designed by LUMO Websites

Web design, SEO and site optimisation

Company introduction

ILLICIT HAIR is a hair salon located in Eastbourne UK. This modern and stylish salon opened its doors in June 2018. Clients can get high-quality hair treatments for a reasonable price, accompanied with refreshing lunch selection at the salon bar area. ILLICIT HAIR wants to position their brand among hair salons that are welcoming and makes everyone feel at ease once they walk through the salon doors.

The brief

The company needed a new website by the time they opened in June 2018. The goal was to bring the image of the new brand to live in the new website. The company also wanted the website to generate leads after the launch marketing campaign. An online booking system needed to be integrated on the site, along with links to ILLICIT HAIR social media channels.





The design

The website design was kept really clean and simple. The colour scheme, fonts and images were provided by the company. Blanche Lite was selected to be the theme due to its soft and stylish touches. The homepage’s custom header uses parallax scroll effect, and the stylish price list shows a bit more edge than the rest of the site.

ILLICIT HAIR Website was built by LUMO Websites



ILLICIT HAIR Website by LUMO Websites


As the website was built from scratch, we needed some drastic SEO measures to make it rank on Google after the launch. The most important page to rank was the homepage, and after finding a suitable keyword it was put in use in the content and meta data. An extensive backlink analysis was carried out to find new link opportunities.



Site optimisation

Building a new website allowed us to focus on site optimisation from the start. It was important to keep Google Page Speed test results high (74 on mobile, 89 on desktop). A responsive mobile version was built using CSS, and page & browser caching was set up to keep the loading speed down.

ILLICIT HAIR mobile website was built by LUMO Websites