About LUMO Websites

LUMO Websites was built from a burning desire to help small businesses succeed in the World Wide Web.


Working as a digital marketing consultant, LUMO Websites founder Annika Haataja witnessed the struggle small business owners tend to face when trying to find time (or skills) to fix website issues. Hence, she wanted to be the person these business owners can turn to when in need for a quick fix or a site-wide revamp. Enter – LUMO Websites!



Annika Haataja is the founder of LUMO Websites

“I want to offer small business owners the chance to focus on doing what they do best: running their business.”

Annika Haataja, Founder




The meaning behind LUMO


You might wonder what the name LUMO stands for. No, it’s not an acronym. That would be an easy choice. Well actually, the quickest of you might have already googled the word and found out ‘lumo’ stands for ‘lowest unoccupied molecular orbital’. Wow… But let’s forget that for now as we are not science consultants. ‘Lumo’ is actually a Finnish word meaning ‘charm’ or ‘enchantment’. It is also part of an adjective ‘lumoava’ which means ‘mesmerising’. So, there you have it. Our mission is to build mesmerising websites.


Our logo is another association to our founder Annika’s Finnish heritage. If you look really closely at the mandala shape, you will notice pattern that resembles a reindeer head and antlers. No? Is it just me?